Counseling Office

Mission Statement

The mission of the Counseling Office at Thunderbolt Middle School is to ensure that all students acquire the educational, self-knowledge and workplace awareness skills necessary for success in all areas of their lives.

Statement of Philosophy

The Counseling Office activities are based upon the recognition of the dignity and worth of all students and their right to guidance and counseling services.

Counseling Office Staff
7th Grade
8th Grade
Staff Assistant

Questions & Answers

Who is my student's counselor?

Ms. Johnson is the 7th-grade counselor, and Ms. Love is our 8th-grade counselor.


What do students have to do to see their counselor?

Students need only obtain a pass from one of their teachers in order to see the counselor. Once in the office, they sign-in at Ms. Strahl's desk. If the counselor is unavailable at that time, the student will be called down later. Students may drop in before or after school without a pass.


What are some of the reasons a student comes to see the counselor?

Students may see the counselor for academic reasons, (problem with their schedule, difficulty in a class, a problem with a teacher), personal reasons, (conflict with another student, a problem between friends, stress, family problems), in short, anything that might interfere with a student doing his or her job at school is a reason to come to the Counseling Office.


What other services are offered?

The Counseling Office provides student support groups on various topics that students may sign up for on a voluntary basis. Topics include, but are not limited to, academic problems, divorce and separation, grief and loss, anger management, and others as needed. In addition, the counselors from time-to-time present lessons in various classes that address some of the skills that students need to be successful. The counselors will make referrals to outside agencies for on-going counseling or other services as may be necessary and appropriate.