Schools are facing many challenges today. Sometimes the true purpose of education is lost in the struggle to provide the best education possible.

As a result of Renaissance, schools within the community, as well as throughout the nation, have become unified around several common goals. These national goals include:

- Increased student attendance.
- Improved overall academic performance.
- Positive citizenship.
- The schools, teachers, and community have put together a partnership to make the Renaissance program a success. The schools and teachers have developed a reward program to acknowledge those students who make Renaissance. The community has also put together a reward program. Several local businesses offer discounts to Renaissance cardholders.


In order to make Renaissance, students must meet all of the following requirements each quarter:

- Have at least a 3.0 G.P.A. with no D's or F's.
- Have NO more than 4 absences and/or tardies per quarter. Exceptions are made for death in the family and hospitalization if a note is brought to attendance immediately upon returning to school. NO other exceptions will be made.
- Have NO office referrals.
- Have NO unsatisfactory citizenship.

(Information on this page comes from the Thunderbolt Student Handbook).

Advisor: Rene Cipres

If you have any questions, please contact an advisor.